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Copper Turquoise - a stone of Purification, Protection, Balance, Friendship, Love and Positive Thinking.

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Copper Turquoise belongs to Turquoise family which is crumbles and formed again by adding copper to it which enhances the beauty of this charm. The one who will tune up this gemstone will get advantage of both Turquoise as well as copper. The Copper Turquoise is filled with the deposits of copper and forms wonderful contours on its surface which reveals black and brown matrix.

According to the ancient study, Copper Turquoise is considered as a stone of communication. It brings the undiscovered abilities of art in light that are still not visible. With the healing properties of copper, the copper turquoise offers understanding and motivates the wearer’s enthusiasm. It also attracts the success and prosperity by continuously inspiring the new projects. The tedious lines that are seen as by copper matrix, offers more power to the owner. Most of the people treasure this gem piece as a powerful charm with its healing properties. It is also believed that this gemstone improves the overall strength of the mind and body of the beings.

The wearer may learn how to adjust in various situations in his life through the power of this gemstone. It is also said that when the copper is present in turquoise as a mineral then its tint becomes blue. Copper turquoise is a charming gemstone the beauty of which can be matched. In reality this gemstone is quite captivating. Since the past, copper turquoise has been employed in the religion and rites and rituals of Hindus. It was also used in artifacts, in art and trade. Most of the people in many kingdoms used this talisman as treasured jewelry.

Copper turquoise is an emblem of wealth and is accepted as the oldest charm of protection. In various past cultures it is believed that this gemstone keeps the being in connection with the psychic sensitivity and spirit world. It is also believed that this variety of turquoise gains the features of the owner. It is considered as a symbol of friendship which brings calmness and peace towards the wearer’s home. Copper Turquoise is normal Turquoise that has been crumbled and reformed to add copper to it, in order to create the beautiful effect of the stone. Individual who will wear it will get the benefit of both coppers as well as turquoise.

Traditionally, it has been used in religious rituals and religion, In the ancient study is heralded as the stone of communication and brings to light undiscovered artistic abilities. With the healing power of copper, copper turquoise provides understanding and encourages enthusiasm for an individual. This stone attracts prosperity and success by consequently inspiring new projects. The rambling lines of copper matrix provide a large amount of energy to an individual who wears it.

As a symbol of wealth, copper turquoise is one of the oldest protection amulets. In many ancient cultures, it is believed that copper turquoise keeps you in connection with the spirit world and psychic sensitivity. It is believed that copper turquoise acquires the characteristics of the owner; it is a very personal a symbol of friendship and brings peace to the home.

With the properties of copper, Copper Turquoise carries acumen of truth within it. With the power of this stone wearer will learn to adjust to the situation. It is known that when copper as a mineral is present in turquoise then the color of the turquoise becomes blue.

 Healing Properties

Physical Healer
Copper turquoise increase resistance to viruses and give relieve from sore throats and allergies. When worn on the solar plexus it is believed that it will alleviate rheumatism and neutralize hyper-acidity. It gives muscles the strength, increase growth and keep the wearer away from viral infections and stomach as well as from gout problems. This stone is considered to give relief from pain and cramps. Copper turquoise is known to acquire all the three elements Earth/Air/Fire properties so in turn it enhances the immune system, aids in the absorption of nutrients. Nursing back to health it stimulates the regeneration of tissue and cures the whole body. Copper Turquoise soothes and clears sore throats, purifies lungs, and heals the eyes, as well as cataracts. 


Emotional Healer
Copper Turquoise dispels negative energy and is said to be a purification stone. It instills inner calm and by balancing all the chakras. It stabilises the mood swings. It is excellent for those who are in depression, promotes self-realization and assists creative problem-solving.


Heals and Balances Chakra
This stone helps the wearer to balance his male and female aspects. The distinct vibration of copper turquoise within third eye chakras allows the wearer to access his past life knowledge. Copper Turquoise reverberates with the energy of truth, wisdom and forthrightness.
If a shy person wears this stone he will be contributed more to conversations with value and validity. This stone enhances creativity and creative problem solving because it radiates it energy to sacral or navel chakra. This stone reinforce that heart-based energy and is powerful within the heart chakra, it always make sure that the love energy flows all the way through to the things done.


Spiritual Healer
The protection vibration of this stone is very reassuring, it will take the wearer in the deep meditative state quite quickly and protect from all the negative energies flowing. Being in a great resonance with the third eye chakra it enhances the birth gift of a human soul by developing his intuition.


Placements of Copper Turquoise
As a wealth cure, turquoise can be placed in your Money area (southeast Bagua area of your home or office. To improve health and well-being, place turquoise in the east Bagua area.


The Chakras
Copper Turquoise has a unique vibration that resonates within the throat chakra and with the energy of truth. It has impressive metaphysical properties that promote empathy, wisdom, and forthrightness. The energy of this stone assists an individual to feel calm and relaxed while speaking in public.

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Nov 23 to Dec 21

Turquoise for health and good fortune




Turquoise is the birthstone of December. It is one of the first ever gemstones to be mined and has long been prized for its intense colour. Turquoise is a widely available stone, however it is rarely found in its pure, natural form.

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