Ring Size Guide

All our ring sizes are in US size.

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How to measure your ring size?
– a piece of string or thread or thin wire

- ruler

Use the string and tie it slightly loose around the finger that you wish to wear the ring on. Make a mark where it ends. Lie it flat and measure with a ruler. Do note that sizing is a +/- guage and do give some allowance. Make sure your hands are warm to get the most accurate measurement. Refer below for the size of your finger.

Finger Size 5 = Finger’s measurement 5cm

Finger Size 6 = Finger’s measurement 5.5 cm

Finger Size 7 = Finger’s measurement 6 cm

Finger Size 8 = Finger’s measurement 6.5 cm

Finger Size 9 = Finger’s measurement 7 cm

Finger Size 10 = Finger’s measurement 7.5 cm

Finger Size 11 = Finger’s measurement 8 cm

Above sizes are US ring sizes.