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Garnet - The stone of commitment

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History of garnet
The name “garnet” comes from the Latin word “Garanatus,” meaning “seedlike,” in reference to a pomegranate. This reference makes sense as small garnets look like the bright red seeds you find inside in a pomegranate.

Garnets were found as beads in a necklace worn by a young man in a grave that dates back to 3000 B.C. This is proof of the hardness and durability of the stone.

The King of Saxony is said to have had a garnet of over 465 carats.

Plato had his portrait engraved on a garnet by a Roman engraver.

Bohemia, now a part of Czechoslovakia, was once a tremendous source of garnet, and at one time, cutting, polishing, and mounting garnets was a very rich industry in that country. 

The Anglo-Saxons were also fond of garnets. Their jewelry was set with garnets mounted in many forms.

Garnets were highly popular in Europe, in 18th and 19th centuries. They were frequently used for jewelry in the Victorian times.

In Old Spain, the pomegranate was a favourite, and as a result of this, so was the garnet. In Spanish astrology, the garnet once represented the sun. In ancient times, garnet was known as ”Carbuncle,” which relates to the colour and refers to a boil or blister.

It was also said to warn the wearer of approaching danger and was long ago carried as a protective talisman.

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Origin of Garnet
Garnets are one of the most ancient gemstones known to man, with a history that goes back more than 5000 years and discovered amongst the artefacts of Ancient Egypt and Sumeria.
The Ancient Greeks and Romans traded with the Eastern Empires for red garnets which were probably mined in India and Sri Lanka well before the birth of Christ. In the holy book of the Jewish people, the Talmud, a large red garnet was the only light on Noah's ark. Garnet is often called the stone of health because it is believed to have so many health benefits, especially in strengthening one's blood. 


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Healing Properties
The benefit of using Garnet is to purify the energies in your body by getting rid of the toxins and restoring your body to its revitalised and re-energised state.


Physical Healing Properties
For those who have low libido or issues around physical intimacy, bringing the Garnet stone into your life could be the best solution for kick-starting your sexual prowess. A powerfully sexual stone, the Garnet isn’t afraid to light a fire in your loins, to bring a sweep of energy, and to help you to feel ready to ask for what you want and need between the sheets.
Radiating with warmth and the color of rich blood, Garnet is also a glorious stone for helping flush out body toxins and keep circulation strong. It’s a stone that wants to keep your blood flowing, your heart beating, and your metabolism working to the best of its ability. For those seeking a stone that will help their body absorb much-needed nutrients, Garnet is your guy.


Mental & Emotional Healing Properties
The stone of commitment, Garnet is a glorious gem for those seeking a helping hand when it comes to all things relationship. It works closely with those grounding chakras to keep you safe and steady on your feet and less likely to slip into traps of self-doubt and jealousy and all those traits that can get in the way of forging a close-knit bond with your loved one.
It’s an amazing talisman to have close for those times you may feel the need to be balanced out. It keeps you off the emotional roller-coaster by ensuring that your self-esteem is high enough to make healthy choices and that you approach life from a positive point of view.
For those who often find themselves lost to a feeling of crisis, the Garnet is here to talk you down off that existential and emotional ledge. It kicks your survival instinct into touch, ensuring that no matter what trouble is brewing, that you are at your best and ever equipped to handle it.
Metaphysical Properties
One of the main spiritual gifts you get from the glow of the Garnet is that grounding force from your root chakras. Our base chakra is one of the most important chakras as it keeps us feeling safe and tethered rather than floating in space. When we feel safe, we are able to make choices that are connected with our authentic well-being. The Garnet also works well on the sacral chakra, which is the base of all our creativity and even our sexual selves. If you are seeking to stir up your chi and let light flow across your chakras, the Garnet is an amulet of amazing passion.


Garnet And Wealth
You need to be mentally ready and strong when making important decisions that can affect your career, business, or professional relationships. Garnet can guide you on your way to wealth because it is beneficial when it comes to being in the right frame of mind. It can inspire confidence. Garnet can strengthen your motivation and inspiration. You will also notice increased willpower to resist anything that’s bad for you. The energies of Garnet can boost your chances of success when it comes to your business dealings and business opportunities.


Heals and Balances Chakra
Although garnet reenergises all the chakras, it is basically known to heal crown and base chakra. It purifies and balances the energies of the chakras, and provides free movement of the energies. It distributes an equal amount of the energy to each portion of the body.
The base chakra is the abode to the kundalini or the life energy of the body. A balanced root or base chakra keeps the person away from lethargy, fatigue, and inactivity.  The crown chakra is situated at the top of the head, which allows all the positive things to enter the body and drives out all the negative things. A balanced crown chakra gives way to the new methods, ideas, visions and approaches to come into the mind of the person.


Interesting Facts
*Jackie Kennedy (later Onassis) was always famous for her elegant jewellery. When her estate was auctioned after her death, one of the most expensive jewellery items sold was her 19th century garnet cabochon brooch. A “cabochon” is a gem that’s been polished into a round or bead-like shape, but not faceted. The brooch fetched an amazing auction sale price of over £93,000.


Zodiac sign





Jan 21 to Feb 19

Garnet for vitality and passion



January | Garnet
Garnet, the birthstone of January, is mined in a rainbow of colors. From the fiery orange of Mandarin Garnet to the rich green of Tsavorite Garnet and to the most widely recognised colour of Pyrope Garnet, it is considered a great gift to symbolise friendship and trust. As the birthstone for January, garnet is said to bring love, luck, health, loyalty and friendship to people who are born this month.

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