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Turquoise Oval Silver Earring

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925 Silver Turquoise Oval Earring. 

For centuries Turquoise has been recognised as possessing the power to protect riders from injury due to falls. First used as amulets by Turkish soldiers, on their persons and attached to their bridles and trappings, it later came to be used for protection against falls of any kind.

Turquoise is also reputed to be influenced by the physical condition of the person who wears it. It is thought to grow pale when its owner is sick or sad, lose all color when the person dies, and gradually recover its color when transferred to a new healthy owner, its color deepening each day.

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  • Length 1.3 inch
  • Width 0.5 inch
  • Material - 92.5 Sterling Silver / Solid Silver
  • Gemstone - Reconstituted Turquoise 
  • Natural Stone - Yes
  • Metal Stamp - 925
  • Delivery time within India - Delivery will take 4-5 working days. 

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