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Aqua Chalcedony Silver 'Spiral' Pendnat

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925 Silver Aqua Chalcedony 'Spiral' Pendant. Also available in Black Onyx.

Black Onyx-

Aqua Chalcedony, a powerful cleanser, increases physical energy, balances body, emotions, mind & spirit. Perfect for a summer evening.

The spiral as a symbol is found all over the world and has meanings in many different cultures and belief systems. For the ancient Minoans of Knossos, Greece, the spiral was a symbol of infinity–it just kept going!  It is a symbol of constant motion, of balance, and of awareness. 

  • Length 1.8 inch
  • Width 1 inch
  • Material - 92.5 Sterling Silver / Solid Silver
  • Gemstone - Aqua Chalcedony
  • Natural Stone - Yes
  • Metal Stamp - 925
  • Delivery time within India - Delivery will take 4-5 working days. 

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