Amethyst Facetted Oval Silver Stud

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Amethyst Facetted Oval 925 Silver Stud.

Healing With Amethyst :
Amethyst is a crystal of protection, selflessness, nobleness, spiritual consciousness, meditativeness, balance and inner peace. One very important feature of Amethyst is to serve as a stone of transfiguration and transformation. It brings harmony and peace wherever needed.

History of Amethyst :
According to the legend, the god Bacchus, goddess of wine and amusement, also known as Dionysus by Greeks, used to be angry with humans and once he decided to kidnap the beautiful nymph Amethyst. When she was attacked by three tigers, she asked for help to Phoebe who transformed her in a transparent, splendid crystal. The furious Bacchus split his cup of red wine on the crystal that become violet, creating the precious gem amethyst.
For this, amethyst was associated to Bacchus and his temptations, as it was a talisman against drunkenness. It was believed that, drinking from an amethyst glass, it was impossible to get drunk. So it was in the ancient Rome where, during feasts and celebrations, while guests used to enjoy wine’s pleasures, the master of the house drank form an amethyst cup to be sober and control the celebration.
Therefore amethyst has always been symbol of sobriety and health, able to protect against illness and attract good luck. For this reason, it is associated to longevity, as if it was a rare elixir of life.

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  • Length 9 mm
  • Width 7 mm
  • Material - 92.5 Sterling Silver / Solid Silver
  • Gemstone - Amethyst 
  • Natural Stone - Yes
  • Metal Stamp - 925
  • Delivery time within India - Delivery will take 4-5 working days.
Who wore Amethyst :
One of the most precious amethyst sets in the royal world belongs to Sweden’s Monarchy – and it’s filled with years of history behind it. It was initially owned by Napoleon’s first wife, Empress Joséphine. Then she gave it to her son, Eugène de Beauharnais, who later passed it to his daughter, Josephine of Leuchtenberg, who became queen of Sweden.
We’ve spotted Queen Silvia, and Princess Madeleine shine in this magical crown and earring set several time.

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Shweta Singh
Very chic

Was expecting them to be slightly bigger than the size they delivered. But nonetheless love them