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Where there’s love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong!

Free-spirited yet anchored, shy but friendly, a hopeless tea fanatic. This is how my friends would describe me. I returned from the UK in 2009 after my Graphic Design Honors, and a years job in the UK to Fitch India. Even though working there was great, somewhere deep down I wanted to work for myself and not others. I craved for a sense of creative achievement and wanted it all for myself, to make it on my own.

And finally in 2014 after four long years, SILBERUH was born. ‘SILBER’ – “silver” for German and ‘RUH’ – meaning “soul” in Sanskrit. It was so much fun coming up with the perfect choice of name for my brand. I wanted something that would feel soulful and what better than adding my own name to it. 

The transition from a 9 to 5 job to establishing an entrepreneurship isn’t an easy one. Even though I come from a family of silver jewellery manufacturers andexporters for a decade now, it was made sure that things were not served to me on a platter. As I didn’t have any formal training or education in jewellery making, it was imperative for me to learn the process from scratch. And my parents shared the same enthusiasm, the approach, however, was a tad different from what I imagined. At our in-house manufacturing base, I was treated as just another employee. Filing papers, sorting stones, learning the art of silversmithing from the karigars – just like an intern.. As much as I thought I would be given a table and a chair of my own I wasn’t, instead was made to do everything from the ground level, which at that time made me furious but now when I look back I am so glad I did that for me to get all my basics right. It meant not only learning the nitty gritty of manufacturing but also negotiating with stone manufacturers, having it out with the workers for getting the quality which I had envisaged, getting the right packaging and all this by keeping the final costs within limits to create impeccable products for my customers.

Once the wheels were in motion, there has been no looking back. I wanted to create pieces that wore a contemporary look. Classic wear, a balance of traditional and modern. Catering to the Indian Market. I work on silver pieces that are affordable for all market segments, be it a college going student or a working professional. Using only the natural semi precious stones, which add value to the product as each stone has a natural healing quality. They are sleek, simple, chic pieces to be worn on various occasions. The brand is about being fair, kind and ethical all the way through. 

Since it’s inception, SILBERUH has been showcased at The Lil Flea, Sunday Soul Sante and Kitsch Mandi to name a few. The greatest feeling is when your customers come searching for your latest designs, and I’m grateful I’ve had my share of such moments.

With each passing day the confidence grows the creativity blooms and my passion flowers and I am now a jewellery designer by passion.


Founder & Director - SILBERUH